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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The 'I goose they were zombies after all...' Spooky Loot Giveaway Lives On!

The 'I goose they were zombies after all...' Spooky Loot Giveaway is still happening. The giveaway ends on July, 11, 2016. Sarcanis has written up a nice piece of flavor text to add to teh spookiness. Check it out below.


Matt crouched behind a patch of wildly overgrown grass, rifle in hand, surveying the area for any sign of prey. He winced as the silence of the rural morning was broken by the wet, sticky sounds of Jimmy chewing his tobacco. 
"Shhh... You'll scare away all the birds" he said.
"What birds? We aint seen a damn living thing all day," Jimmy shot back. A high, garbled screech filled the air just as the final word left his mouth.
"No, but we just heard one, now shut the hell up!" was the response. Both men raised their guns to eye level and turned their heads to search for any sign of movement in the direction the sound came from. 
"How do you know it was a living thing? Coulda been one of them zombies."
"Zombies? Did your mama hit you in the head with a fryin' pan when you was a boy?" said Matt. 
"Ain't you heard? They got a new drug turns you into a real live zombie. Bath Soaps or some such. Stops your heart but gives you so much energy you keep on goin'" 
Another screech, and the sound of grass rustling behind them hit their ears. Startled, Jimmy jumped and waved his gun back and forth in search of a flesh-eating fiend to defend against.
"That's the dumbest thing you done ever said. It's a goose, Jimmy. Now shut the hell up and help me kill it."
There were a few more seconds of silence before another patch of grass began to shake off to the side of them. Matt could see feathers. He quickly fired a shot directly at it. The rustling stopped. The two men slowly crept over to the area to check for a corpse. To their chagrin, there was only grass.   
They looked up at eachother in shared confusion before another rustling sound came from the left, then quickly anther from behind, then a third guttural screech that sent chills down Matt's spine. They struggled to aim their weapons at the creature, but it was faster than they anticipated.
Suddenly, the fowl beast lunged out of the tall grass right at the frightened hunters' faces, spreading its filthy, wounded wings, flapping them only once to propel itself beak-first into Matt's forehead. He stumbled backward and let out a brief cry of pain as Jimmy took aim on the falling bird and emptied shot after shot into its chest before Matt even had time to fall on his ass and bump his head on a log.
The bird let out a death wail as its corpse bounced limply off the muddy ground, which was parroted by horrible screeching sounds off in the foggy distance. Jimmy rushed over to his fallen friend and bent over to offer his hand to pick him up.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"OKAY!?" he shouted as he grabbed Jimmy's hand to pull himself up. "YOU SON OF A BITCH, YOU DAMN NEAR SHOT ME!"
"What was I supposed to do?" he insisted, "That goose was gonna kill you. How's your head?"
Matt's head was drenched in his own blood, a deep tear in the skin on his forehead revealing what Jimmy thought might have been skull.
"It don't hurt. It's just kinda itchy more than---" His sentence was cut off by a brief quack as the mortally wounded goose used its long neck to strike at his ankle like a snake. He screamed and fell over again.
Jimmy brought his gun back up to eye level, but upon pulling the trigger he found himself out of ammo. A few yards away, he heard another quack, and he ran, fearing for his life.


Enter the giveaway noaw. 

Fear20 and LimitedLoot present: The 'I goose they were zombies after all....' Spooky Loot Giveaway

Good luck and stay spooky! :3

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