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Friday, September 2, 2016

a wolf points the spotlight at: Decay (2015)


Who hasn't befriended a corpse at one time or another in their life? 0w0 
Decay is a 2015 American psychological thriller film, written and directed by Joseph Wartnerchaney. Starring Rob ZabreckyJackie HoffmanLisa Howard, Elisha Yaffe, Hannah Barron and Reese Ehlinger. [from en.Wikipedia page for Decay (2015 film)]

Jonathan   ( Rob   Zabrecky  )   is   a   middle-aged   groundskeeper   at   a   local   theme   park   and   suffers  from    a    debilitating    case    of    OCD.    One    day,    his    carefully    orchestrated    daily    routine    is  disrupted   by   a   surprise   visitor   in   his   basement:   a   beautiful   young   woman   who,   through   a  jarring   turn   of   events,   ends   up   dead.   Scarred   from   an   abusive   childhood,   Jonathan   panics  and   chooses   not   to   report   the   dead   girl.   Instead,   he   invites   her   to   dinner.   Jonathan   has  never   been   happier   to   have   a   friend,   until   the   police   start   closing   in,   and   his   mind   —   and   the  body of the girl — begin to decay.        [from]

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Wolf rating: { 6///10 }

A wolf says, 
"Decay is satisfyingly dark and disturbing. An creepy crawly slice of life to behold." 


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