Friday, March 30, 2018

[Easter Special] a wolf points the spotlight at: Resurrection (1999)

A young wolfie saw part of Resurrection, late at night, on the TV box. It was way back before the internet was the TV. The art studio scene was happening [~42 minutes in] and I had to keep watching, because I knew I shouldn't. This movie might be part of what's wrong with me.

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"Resurrection is a 1999 American-Canadian horror thriller film directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring Christopher Lambert, Leland Orser and Robert Joy. David Cronenberg appears in a cameo as a priest. Lambert co-wrote the story for the film with Brad Mirman, who also wrote the screenplay.

The film was theatrically released in most of Europe, Asia and Australia, but went straight to DVD in the US. It was also occasionally aired/streamed on television." - Wikipedia page on Resurrection (1999 film)

Fun facts from Wikipedia:
"According to director Russell Mulcahy's DVD commentary Resurrection was originally rated NC-17, which is why several scenes of violence and gore, like the leg cutting scene, were excised to achieve an R rating. The "Uncut version" of the film was never released and is presumed lost to this day."

IMDb Plot Summary:
Detective John Prudhomme, a Cajun transplanted to Chicago, is assigned to investigate the savage murder of a man who has bled to death from a severed arm. A message, "He Is Coming", written in blood on the victim's window is a dark, forboding clue of his task. After two more victims with missing body parts are discovered, Prudhomme realizes he is on the trail of a serial killer who is using the missing body parts to reconstruct the body of Christ...just in time for Easter. As Prudhomme struggles to catch the zealot-murderer, he is haunted by the death of his son, his continued estrangement from his wife, and his wavering faith in God.  —Adam Thomas

Wolf rating/thoughts:
[Se7en/10 Demus' Jesuses]
Not the best/worst dialogue or acting. There might be something to say about the  music and audio in general, but a wolf couldn't come up with anything; the entire piece is fairly generic. Resurrection has nice visuals and the storyline is intriguing enough to carry the whole thing. There are so many twists. A wolf likes it. This movie is kind of like iceberg lettuce. Take that however you want. :3

Is it derivative of Seven (1995)?
So, on Wikipedia it says that critics called Resurrection a blatant rip off of Seven. A wolf had to watch Seven to find out if the critics were correct. There were in fact several things that were blatantly ripped off, but they are distinctly different movies. The plot point and dialogue mirroring isn't so much that watching the movies one after the other felt tedious.

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