Tuesday, May 22, 2018

something smelly dreams of rancid spam

A wild prizemachine freebie wolf wanted to do a nice post for you, the valued reader, if you even exist at all. I see you out there, bot spiders. Quit harvesting my soul and selling it to the machine!
Unfortunately, the prize wolf couldn't hunt down much in way of horror related giveaways today. Maybe future wolf will try harder and dig deeper to deliver more than shit. In the meantime, there is this jerkoff session. Advanced apologies.

Begin post:
Oh, hello. Didn't think anybody would come around these parts of them internets. What might you be doing here? If you're looking for quality content, move along from this post on to one by Sarcanis or Hardyhara. They are so much better than me. I'm not worthy of writing for any website. Why does Sarc even let me post? D:

Here comes the titular spam. Enjoy it. A wolf worked really hard to put this together just for you, [insert valued reader's name here]. I [heart] you forever.  #likeCOMMENTshareSUBSCRIBEfollowSUBMITobey

There are some horror related giveaways here. However, it looks like there is also an assload of other content, because HORROR-ASYLUM.com is not primarily a giveaway site (they do boast about it though). Looks a bit like we're trying to be a similar website, but who can say for sure? I saw that they are in a business network with a horror business/product promotions company. I really wanted to say the HORRORASYLUM site was prolly spam to boost the promotion company. Despite its little pile of evidence, a wolf can't say that. The blog could have come first and the creators simply branched out. Lol. Check out their content to see if it's good. Then come back here and tell a wolf about your opinions down below in the comments. Please? I'm too lazy to form my own opinions. Halp meeeeeeee.

Isn't this just the worst kind of content. All these words and not much substance. Just not really saying anything worth absorbing. Multimillion $$$ clickbait cash cows have inspired a wolf to craft this bullshit. You're welcome. :3

FreeBOOKSY.com appears to round up links to free ebooks. Here is a link to their horror genre page. I didn't actually check out any of the links or make sure the site is legit, so be careful or viruses are yours.

Do you need some new antivirus software to protect yourself, [insert valued reader's name here]? A wolf has heard great things about McAfee cybersecurity solutions for both businesses and consumers. They didn't even pay me to say that, this is just a bit and they came to mind first due to prepackaged software recognition bias. Buy it anyway and tell them we sent you, though. Thanks, friend.

Have you heard About Goodreads?

"Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love."

Goodreads.com has infinite book/ebook giveaways. Here is a link to their horror genre giveaway page. A wolf has actually won a giant pile of books via Goodreads. I would show them off here, but I'm too embarrassed about not having read any of them and I don't want the authors to know I got their books instead of people whom actually wanted to read them. Fffffuck. I hate myself so much right now.

[This post has been on topic and sponsored by Kaedin Baen of Limitedloot.com and Fear20.net shitposting fame.]

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