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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

a wolf points the spotlight at: Portland Horror Film Festival 2018

Sarcanis, Hardyhara, and a wolf went to the Portland Horror Film Festival in Portland, OR (hosted at the Hollywood Theatre). PHFF is a "FESTIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT HORROR FILMS". The scare fest went from June 13-16, 2018. This was the 3rd annual presentation of this spectacular event.

A wolf struggled through its anxiety to actually attend all days of this year's PHFF. For the first 2 years a wolf wasn't brave enough to experience all the days of festival and the wolf had a regret for too long. Celebrating the darkness was totally worth the discomfort of being around other humans that might have been noticing a wolfie's existence and judging (but probably didn't even). [Wrote this on day 3, then got depressed and crapped out on going to day 4. Feels bad, man. A wolf couldn't handle the stress of going out or having Bae be so stressed they sounded angry with wolfie every time it requested support. T~T]

A wolf loves the PHFF @ the Hollywood. So, the wolf feels bad for leaving the theater to smoke instead of absorbing Q&As with the people whom created the films it so loves. The wolf is very disrespectful by giving its attention to addiction over people more deserving of the worship. Peer pressure and fear of being alone in public make wolves give in to addictive temptation rather than doing what they feel. This can be a problem, but the festival is so intense that a wolf really does need a restival with Maryjane in between the viewings. Don't tell anybody a wolf shared all this. It might be off topic a bit. Lol.

Q&A w/ Puppet Master: Littlest Reich actor Barbara Crampton will be linked at some point. Still working on the upload. :/

Here is an list of the films shown at Portland Horror Film Festival. Good luck finding all of them. ;3

Feature films:
The Ranger
Puppet Master: Littlest Reich
The Laplace's Demon

Short films:
Smooth Moves (bumper)
Cathy's Closet
The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds
Heavy Flow
Didi & Frankie's Vacation (bumper)
Alfred J Hemlock
Mikey's Night In (bumper)
We Summoned a Demon
What Metal Girls Are Into
Cryptina's Spook Time Variety Show
Dead Cool
Viral Blood
Hand Cut (bumper)
My Monster
The Warehouse
What Leaves Remains
The Day Mum Became A Monster
Feast on the Young
Surprise (bumper)
Jules D.
Goodbye Old Friend
Kiss Me Deadly
The Dollmaker

A wolfie really enjoyed the 4 feature films it got to see. Hopefully, wolf will be able to find The Laplace's Demon for viewing at some point. Wolf read some flavor text and needs to taste the movie.

The shorts were also great. A wolf really liked eating them up. Didn't get to see the last 6 listed. Again, a wolf hopes to find them online.

The best part about PHFF is definitely eating pizza. A wolf doesn't know the name of the pizza place that serves the Hollywood Theatre, but they make awesome pizz. Wolf prolly wouldn't even the movies if not for that hot, melty taste sensation dripping into its facehole. Omnomnomnom

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