Monday, June 11, 2018

Literally Nobody Cares

  I have been having this ugly feeling in my stomach all day having false alarms to use the bathroom. I deicide to set long enough until it went over. After a minute I jump in my seat because I get a  message from my coworker Beef Bigalow. It had to do with the strangest event I have indirectly been apart of that happened weeks ago.

I know you don't share what I send you.

  He's right, I could care less about what he sends me and has just sent me. It was a nude picture of Sarah Moore, in public. I recalled having her in most of my A.P. classes. She was beautiful but all her geekness and nerdiness contradicted that. She was so socially awkward. She would only talk to me because I liked anime. Now here she is, naked, giant detailed tattoo of a unicorn in color all over the side of her torso, and with a face that a definitely can confirm was hers.

  I could tell she was at a restaurant because you can see people setting down at tables in the background with what looks like seafood on their plates, and right next to her was this big tall old guy wearing shorts, and sporting a U.S.A veterans hat, carrying a tray.

  Oddest thing was nobody was paying attention to her at all. Was this the day of the incident that was all over the news. Jets flew passed the entire city early in the morning till noon, leaving colored trails like it was a massive air show. There were so many of them that day. Lucky I was wearing my respirator mask along with a few others because I work at a paint and body auto shop, and had been busy working all day. None of us didn't even notice what was happening, as soon as an emergency broadcast came on the radio someone would swiftly flip it to the next station that we could agree upon listening to. I should have known better because it would happen often but I was just too busy with work, and I only really noticed when I stepped outside for break. It was really something to behold. There was so much color in the sky. Beef was off that day and I guess he happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Dude, I have footage of her too! You know that body they found all splattered obviously jumping from that tall building it was next too. Matching tattoo, dude! Something to do with those trails in the sky and the string of murdered people found? Dude, I was feeling so weird as hell that day, like I didn't have a care in the word!! This was that same day, I don't even remember filming this!

  He sends me the video right after the message. He's setting at a table right across from where she's at judging by the distance of the footage of her, and I can see why he's being such a creep. She was scantily clad. I wasn't surprised at all by this. People in their high school years whether they know it or not like to uphold an image for their peers no matter what social circle they belong too. Obviously she dropped her previous look like a ton of bricks. And what did it really matter to me? we're all adults now.

  In the video she's arguing with her parents. I can tell it was about  her new lifestyle, or maybe she was moody because she was on the rag. I look back at the picture laughing at the idea. I didn't want to be right but I was. I could see it all on the side of her leg leading up to her crotch.  I scroll back down quickly to the video as the audio still plays I can hear her mom mentioning something about wanting and liking the attention. Sarah agreed happily with a defiant nod, she then got up to get a refill from the fountain machine and there it happens, her clothing just fall off, most of the stuff she was wearing was tied in knots. I guess she didn't do a very good job.

  I than recalled how she would get if she wasn't praised for her good work. Real bitchy and physically aggressive. I thought back to the day she showed me a drawing and I thought it was the most generic copied thing that most people would draw if they liked anime. I told her how I felt about it and instantly she started hitting me several times along with a bunch of shoves, and she stormed off.

  Something applied to her figure I suppose because she looked around expecting something positive but nobody seemed to care. Her face went from excitement to confusion than it started to turn ugly. She looked at everyone in the room. People walked by getting their food to the table, that old veteran who looked like he has the biggest porn collection didn't even give her a glance as he looked around for a place to set.

  "Why isn't anybody giving me the attention I deserve!?!?", She shouted.  The camera pans back to her parents and not even they have a reaction. Was she planning on this?  I hear more messages beep in but I ignore them. I can already guess what Beef's gonna let me know. Stuff along the lines on how he's gonna sell this photo and footage off when the time is right, I'm sure, I'm sure. The camera goes back to her and she's losing it. She storms through the entire establishment trying to get everyone's attention to no success. Flipping peoples plates, she marches to the kitchen where the chiefs are, trying to get their attention as well.

  She then grabs a giant Chief's knife and threatens a cook. Her mouth is moving, demanding something and she stops, waiting for a response. The guy doesn't even act like she's there. I just couldn't believe that not a single person didn't try stopping her. They just where going about their day like normal.

  After a few moments, she does what I wanted to be wrong about again. She slits his throat, and she looks so pleased about it as he collapses to the ground. I cover my mouth in shock, as I keep on watching the video. She then walks out to the main dining area and stabs several people more and makes an exit, Beef flips the camera back to himself with the a look I don't ever want to see again. His face was just so deadpan, and euphoric looking. And than it ended.

  The news did cover how this trail of violence started here and I think to myself no shit, Beef. that was her who jumped of the building. A trail of violence that wasn't even lead to believe it was her. Sure the cops found bodies everywhere but the story is so odd and unreal.

  No suspects, no evidence linked, not even video proof of this doing (besides Beef having it in secret)and the only thing is just eyewitnesses of those jets. And I know why she took her own life. She must have snapped out of eventually and couldn't bare to live with what she's done. The stranger thing further about this... A lot of women's bodies were found all over the city. Similar situation, all of them having been on their period being said from a leaked report.

  Why couldn't it be linked with what was happening with those damned jet plans leaving trails? Statements from the government said that this wasn't any of their doing, pretty much saying they wouldn't dare experiment in anyway, shape, or form on the american people without conscious consent, and they will be investigating all nations that may have attentions to attack. There was talk of biological warfare rumor spread that another form of attack is happening and may be too late to prevent. All and all not much was done about this because literally nobody cares.

  I got up from the toilet seat putting my phone away I wash my hands and look into the mirror and see myself making a face that looks vaguely familiar. I had been drinking falcut the fall day and it's been making me go to the bathroom alot. I noticed how it tasted sort of funny at first but thought it was just me. Perhaps all this bathroom usage has been making on edge and I haven't been feeling like myself lately. I go to the living room and see that my dog isn't breathing no more after a few day of it suffering because I had smashed his head in several time with a shovel. I look into the bedroom across where my girlfriend lies forever sleeping because I had shot her several time leaving just one bullet for me.

  I don't feel anything but deep down there's this ugliness building, pressure that telling me to make it stop once and for all. I turn on the TV and the news is on. Two anchors with that look.

  "Tonight we praise the freedom of death to all the American nation, as we go live to the mass murder and suicides throughout our fair city. Join us for the live footage of your death, Nate!", I don't even care that they said my name "The neighbors who drink nothing but bottled water heard the loud noises and have called the cops and they should be there now." 

  I don't even care that I heard them talking directly to me. I don't even care that right now there's a camera crew filming through the window of my living room with cops next to them polity waving at me, all of them sporting that look I now recognize as the one that Beef was giving in the video. I grab the gun that I was never quit sure how I got in the first place, point  it up toward  my jaw, wave back to the camera with that look I hate so much on my face. I pull the trigger for all the world because literally nobody cares..

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