Sunday, June 3, 2018

Monsters of Wrestling: Kamala - Part Final

  No, really, Kamala was a big deal. Previously, I wrote that there wasn't anything I could show in terms of noteworthy footage, but to be honest, I was being lazy. I don't want people not understanding how intense the concept of wrestling is and what the wrestlers can really bring out in the storytelling. So, allow me to go into more detail on the monster heel known as Kamala. My bystanding readers, let me help you understand the depth that lies before you.
    Wrestling is what action anime takes notes from. Larger than life characters with gimmicks so outlandish and out there, you suspend disbelief and buy into these individuals and what they bring forth, love them or hate them.
  The overall plot of this anime is these guys and gals are all competing be top guy of the company's different championship titles and division. At this part of the story, Hulk Hogan is the main babyface  champion, being in his first and longest run. The conflict lies in the fact that not all of these guys are friends, as Kamala arrives to the WWF (now WWE), winning a series of matches in brutal heel manner and earning him the right to Hogan, thus cementing himself as the big bad of the latest season of your favorite shonen.
  The story plays out that Kamala isn't successful at his first attempt to be the new champion. After his defeat, he goes back to other promotions, taking a major win against Sgt. Slaughter but taking losses due to being a heel. Regardless, he grows stronger. After some filler and some major advances to the story, Kamala comes back, ready to give Hulk Hogan war. Their feud lasts for seven months this time around, and is a climax of Hulk Hogan's run as champion.

  Here we have the footage of what has over a million views, the climax of Kamala the Headhunter vs Hulk Hogan. In my opinion, it's not too bad for two big guys wrestling in the style of their time. We see in this match how video game oriented a wrestling match can be, but regardless, this is perhaps Kamala's greatest performance.
  Ultimately, Kamala fails. Defeated, he takes off yet again to another promotion, becoming the champion there instead. Years later, he returned to the WWF for a new season, yet again being a major threat to a new main babyface champion, Randy Savage. The feud is brief, and is yet another unsuccessful attempt at obtaining the championship belt. He took part in house show matches with other high profile wrestlers such as Bret Hart and The Ultimate Warrior, but The Ugandan Giant left the WWF being unhappy with his pay. Years passed and after so much time spent wrestling in smaller promotions, Kamala would eventually retire. 

  Next time.

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