Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Humongous Fungus on the Malheur National Forest

Is anybody interested in seeing an article about a giant fungus that's eating a forest? There would be a smattering of pictures and/or video of eerily spooky dead/dying trees and maybe even mushrooms (they only appear in fall after the first rain).

OPB.org has a nice article about Oregon's Humongous Fungus.

This article on TheAtlantic.com mentions that the Humongous Fungus in Oregon was discovered, because scientists had a pissing match over the, "'...the largest and oldest living organisms' in the world."

We're probably going to do this regardless of audience interest, but it would be cool to know whether or not anybody wants our thoughts about 2,385 acres of fungus that has been devouring sitting duck trees for an estimated 1900 - 8650 years.

If you're interested in giant mushrooms, tell us all about it in a comment. Please? 🙀

[Posted by Kaedin Baen]

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