Thursday, June 7, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/07/18 - I Never Payed For My Long Overdue Video Rental Fees.

  The oddity of being in the era where things of the past are no longer relevant is something I have very much gotten used to. Honestly, I'm happy things are getting easier and easier for everyday life, especially for the fact that most things like music, pictures, and video have gone digital, thus taking up less space. Even the large video rental stores of old have been brought down to small, bite sized kiosks with easy check-in and check-out.

  Although I do have a lot of freed up space now, I still own physical media like video games and movies. I even have some old VHS tapes I pop in the dusty old VCR every now and the-- What's that?

"What the hell is a VHS and VCR?" you ask? Well, chitlins, gather round Ol Grandpappy Hardyhara, for he will briefly explain, and will let you know today is VCR Day!

Free me from my VHS tomb, and put me on Blu-Ray!

  VHS were sort of like the DVDs or Blu-Rays of their time, except you had to rewind them from the start to watch all over again, and we liked it! VCRs are pretty much what plays them and rewinds them. With that crash course out of the way, let's talk about a further detail in relation to horror movies.
  An acquaintance of mine practically admitted to me that he destroys VHS tapes, and to that I honestly didn't know what (nice thing) to say... So I muttered under my breath, "You're a damned fool." I felt so shook because, believe it or not, dear reader(s), not every movie on tape has gone to the current media we use today! Honestly, it's a real crying shame, even more so knowing that this applies to horror movies... and I love horror movies!

  "Calm down, Hardyhara. It isn't that big of a deal; they have (name of movie here) on Blu-Ray. It'll be alright... right?" Wrong! The Godfather trilogy is a set of movies that, to this day, has never been released on Blu-Ray or DVD in its original theatrical release edit. Long has it been released as other, edited versions of the movies, which may do for now for an average fan, but for the die-hard fan, it just simply won't... unless they own the VHS tapes. Yet, the problem there is that one of these days, the VCR might die, and getting a hold of one could be a hassle.

  The same thing applies to us horror movies fans. We have movies we've been dying to see since their original theatrical release, and they're on VHS, but the VCR (that we must remember and observe today) could be lost to time. One movie in particular that has sort of a similar thing to what The Godfather had going is The Keep, our first recommendation.

  Actually, now that I think about it more here, it's a little bit more interesting than that. The Keep was already a movie released in theaters, heavily edited to capture a dreamlike feel and also (rumored) because of good ol' fashion studio interfering. The movie is based on a book of the same name, and if they are to be taken as having the same plot, there are Nazis, entities that may or may not mean well, and death... lots of death. It's only on VHS as of this writing, so it might be easy and cheap to come by, or hard and expensive. If you can come across a copy, check it out... Or watch it illegally as hell online, I don't give a flying fu--

   ANYWAY. *Ahem* Let's talk about Xtro. Oh, good lord, Xtro is a trip but I like it regardless. I believe it was only on VHS for the longest time, but is now on Blu-Ray, so check it out if you want to know what it's like to be out of your mind on drugs. It's also good fuel for you writing types out there. Another horror movie suggestion is The Stuff (mentioned in the previous Today's Horror Choices). It was long stuck on VHS and now on Blu-Ray with pretty nice cover jacket art, so go ahead and pick it up. And one more for the road, Blood Beach. Now on Blu-Ray (but very expensive), this one has a beach eating people.... Well, really it's a monster that's hiding under the sands of the beach... whatevs. Also, an honorable mention: WNUF Halloween Special, which we'll talk about later in much detail.

  Alright, folks. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Got some VHS horror movies you still have? Perhaps you own a movie that's been forgotten by the sands of time and is waiting to be brought forth.
  Until next time.

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