Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Horror Video Game Must Play: Dead By Daylight

Horror Video Game Must Play is a line of reviews showcasing the very best horror based/related/themed video games out on the market. All games are considered, so it doesn't really matter if the game is brand spanking new or old as shit. As long as it's enjoyable, the game of choice is considered a must play and should be in any horror fan's game collection. The review for each game is meant to elaborate upon all the details of the game (plot, audio, graphics, and game-play) to display why this is the game to invest in.

 If there was just one moment to capture from a slasher flick to be made into a video game it would be the part where the killer is on the hunt and victims are trying to figure out how to get out of their desperate situation, Perhaps someone might have to sacrifice their self to grant survival for the rest, maybe teamwork is done in such away that nobody has to die. Maybe play as a killer in this situation where you can use the tools that are given to them by any means. Dead by Daylight is a game that captures that moment with it's unique simple fun.

Starting with the plot we find that there is indeed something far more menacing than the killer that the survivors are trapped with for there's The Entity that has woken do to high violence and malice that has been happening in the world. The Entity has managed to gather killers to do it's bidding by making them sacrifice victims that have gotten to close to the realm that it has created for the killer for familiarities sake; i.e. the origin location where it started for the murder machines. The victims are first transported to a campfire where they can gather there items and ready for there chance to escape. Making out of the situation by finding engines to unlock the gate to exit along with finding chest that have various thing of use for the survivors to use against the killer or just simply getting caught and being offered up to The Entity both parties relive the nightmare over and over again until The Entity is appeased.

Audio is really a huge factor in this game. Both the parties have to rely on listening for particular noises that each other makes. Starting with the victims they have it pretty easy since they have to pay attention when music (which varies from killer to killer) picks up or if the killers is near by, the heartbeat tends to get louder and faster along with the killer giving away other audio queues like singing, heavy breathing and loud chainsaw. The killer has things to pay attention to the sound of the grass and leafs being brushed and moved threw, crows that will caw loudly, and even the heavy breathing of the victims that increase if they're badly hurt.

Graphics are great, good old Unreal Engine 4 is being used and there's isn't really much to grip about, the eerie fog takes nice effect making it hard to see where everyone which adds to the theme and is meant to be that way so don't take that as a negative. Blood splotches that are left behind by victims are used to great effect since the killer can take advantage of it and use it as tracking. The people look like people that you see in any situation in day to day life which is fair but where the character design really shines is in the killers. Each have a unique look that matches their backgrounds given to them along with stages modeled after the killer's background although some of them can look samey the layout can be altered do to in game effects. speaking of...

The control is very solid, I use a controller and everything is streamlined for left stick to move right stick to move camera, and bumpers and triggers are used for crotching/sneaking, using items, running, and interacting with the world around them like leaping over stuff, knocking things down, and hiding in places. As for the killer it's even simpler because all you need to do is use the ability they have, slash at a victim, picking them. and hanging them on a hook, as for the game-play content its self the game prides it's self on being asymmetrical meaning that not everyone is on even ground. Players can equip items that can be added on to improve them if applicable. perks that make surviving a little easier or a little tougher if your in the killers shoes. and offerings that effect how the game will go. Killers have similar sets as hinted but again their setup is meant to make it harder for the survivors to do their thing. Modes that allow you to have sessions with your friends allow you to have access to all the perks and items you have unlocked cumulative from character you have leveled up threw this thing called the blood-web.

Dead by Daylight is a game that's great with friends or with strangers. A party style horror game/ hide-and-go-seek simulator that get's the adrenaline going when you have nothing but your survival instinct on your side or murderous intent steam to blow, and a fear20.net horror video game must play.

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