Monday, April 8, 2019

The Horror Calendar 04/08/19 - Graveyard Feng Shui

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day and also Dog Farting Awareness Day.
 It's also International Feng Shui Awareness Day and Zoo Lovers Day.
And Trading Cards For Grown-Ups Day.

Today is Kane Hodder's Birthday.

Today is the anniversary of Demon Seed, Bad Dreams, Leprechaun 2, Day of the Dead (2008).

For Zoo Lovers Day, I feel like any number of animal-based horror flicks could be considered thematic. The dog-related observances may make it tempting to focus on movies about killer dogs, but we recently celebrated a "cats & dogs day" with roughly equal attention going to both sides. To really drive home the zoo thing, this might be a perfect time to watch Zoombies. Produced by The Asylum, it's every bit as cheesy as the name suggests and then some. Being a zombie flick, it also seems like it could pair well with Day of the Dead as an undead double feature.

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