Friday, May 15, 2020

Hardy's Dreamscape: The Seamless Shift

I was lying on my back staring at the ceiling believing I wasn't  tired. Feeling awake, feeling lost in thought, and feeling that I have gone and entered a dream. Reality was in front of me and I knew only that I was aware. Yet the shift of the reality I thought I knew was too subtle for me to notice.

I'm suddenly witnessing a small hole take form on my ceiling. Widening and remarkably keeping it's shape unbroken and not letting debris drop on to the bed. Transfixed I see what is picking up after the plaster as many spider legs form out. I'm frozen in fear and the last thing I want to happen in this moment happens.

As they clog the hole they just made they begin to crawl over each other causing a large black one to drizzle out.

I feel the softness of it's landing.

I jolt right up in an instant getting near out of my bed to see that the spider was instantly gone. With a breath pause I look up to see that the hole was vanished too.

I couldn't believe  how seamless it was waking up compared to how it started with the only difference being I then did feel tired.

This left me there wondering how could we tell if all just changed before our eyes even we thought we had really snapped into what we call reality.

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