Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meat is Great

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The Fear20 crew has been in party mode leading up to the Portland Horror Film Festival. Oddly enough, this has culminated in our socially uneasy gang of cave-dwelling humanoids sitting in an unfamiliar setting; a bar.

It seems like we're not the only shy ones, as attendees of the special meet & greet with the film-makers have largely stuck to their own tables.

We've had no actual interactions with the film-makers, but I did creepily watch from the background as one of the producers briefly introduced himself to the guy at the table next to us who was hitting on the overly made-up drunk girls across the table from him. So far, pretty lame, but oh well. It's a chance to drop business cards on the tables. In the end, we're here for the movies. I'm just having a beer beforehand.

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