Saturday, March 31, 2018

Modern Horror Classics Review: Don't Breathe

 A good witch doctor is surprisingly expensive, and yours truly isn't made out of money, and so I set forth on another quest to overcome any situation and found a   quick schemes instruction home video in the disguise of a horror film called Don't Breath, directed by Fede Alvarez and written by Fede Alvarez, and Rodo Sayagues.
  The movie takes place in Detroit (making this the second Modern Horror Classics(s) to take place in the state of Michigan in a row) where we find that we have a trio of protagonist are  delinquent house burglars who each have their own reasons for doing this, particularly one Rocky (portrayed by Jane Levy) who simply is looking for a way out for her sister and herself since they're stuck in a go nowhere in life situation. They get a lucky break when her boyfriend, Money (portrayed by Daniel Zovatto) get's a tip off that someone in this shit hole has some big time mula. Enter The Blind Man
Just because he's blind doesn't make him a saint
  The Blind Man (portrayed by Stephen Lang) is tragic yet not a character to rooted for. Due to an accident that happen that caused the lost of his child and thus making him have a fat stack of money he hasn't been the same. here in the house where most of the movie takes place are sinister things a brewing to say the least. To go further  into this movie would sure spoil it greatly even though this is a review and all but the least I can say it's truly worth the watch.
  The movie was actually made with a low budget and did extremely well at the box office this making back it's money and then some and there's isn't really much criticism that I can say other then that the only stupid thing is that Alex (portrayed by Dylan Minnette) has access to most of the houses they can rob due to his father having the keys to them thanks to the security business he owns which doesn't sound right to me.
 Well anyway, I got what I came for and made it out with the skin of my teeth and to the people I robbed and if your reading this... Thanks! Now pardon me, dear readers as I have to say good-bye one last time to my mutated, talking penis.

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