Monday, May 7, 2018

Modern Horror Classic: Avengers: Infinity War

  The idea of killing half the population of all the universe sounds like a thought far to obscured to ever consider in the realm of  possibility but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this apocalyptic scenario is very much so an idea that can be flirted with thanks to the Infinity Stones and Thanos is a Titan who very much so get to achieve this.
  Folks, I'm not spoiling anything. This story was printed bt Marvel Comics but seeing the story unfold on the big screen into a near 3 hour adaptation was an experience that I would never would made feel so lost in the eldritch horror that takes place in this movie compared to any other movie with dark themes. This all start cast of the biggest Avengers roaster (although not all characters where inaugurated officially as such they pretty much were) no mater how powerful in their own right weren't ready for this intense fight, and for this lost they suffer one of the biggest loss to ever be witnessed in cinema history.
 Bystanders die, friends die, family dies, loved ones die,and (of course) heroes die all to to make the universe a better place to for everyone else is what Thanos thinks is to bring balance to the for-- I MEAN-- to the universe. Every scene he never fails and at one point he really does get a run for his money but truly there's something even scary about one man passion being displayed by Peter Quill (portrayed by Chris Prat) compared to one man's ambitions such as Thanos plays out a scene of heart breaking revelation I wont spoil here.
  Disney  has unwittingly released one of the most horror movies out there. A movie that made most people feeling so uncertain of the future of this franchise in the best way possible and it's brilliant. If this isn't the way Disney intended for this movie to be perceived then I'm glad I brought forth this new way of seeing it.
  The future is uncertain and if there fourth Avengers movie and the second part to Infinity War isn't a happy ending neither but an unhappy ending that outdoes this movie... Well, horror will never be the same.
  Tell next time.

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