Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Universe We Live In Now: An Editorial

  It's hard to pinpoint the transition when the world became a bizarre and topsy turvy. I've been alive for twenty-seven and a half years and have bared witness to so many events, and thus I must bring forth the horror that is the planet today. No worries though, there are some good things in this
  For starters we are being spied on, and I'm fairly surprised that riots and protest in the streets isn't a daily occurrence. Everyday people look up things on the internet for whatever reason and just for that action they may be put on a list categorized under whatever it fall under, and never mind the purpose; if it suspicious  they just made the list.
  Drones are now a widely popular thing and from what I gather they're not being used in positive manner. Separated by a few months, the first time I came home late in the day seeing that a drone was flying around in my neighborhood. As I drove on the street I noticed it was following me, and this wasn't the most pleasant feeling in the world but eventually I shook it off. The second encounter I wasn't playing any games. On the way home late from work it was back, and saw that it was facing my direction. I pulled over and pulled the trigger to open the trunk and bluffed that I was gonna shoot it down. It flew away asap thus confirming my suspicion that it had a video feed. I got back into my car and tried to follow it but a very horrifying thing happened as followed; I saw about three more of them from further direction gathering toward the one I was chasing and flew off in the same direction. This really did happen. Trust.
  We now have a leader how isn't helping any of us, and worst yet there's a majority who believe in him. Denying science, global warming, undoing most of  the previous  accomplishments, and the list goes on and on. The good news is that none of his actions are hidden but in fact open to the public. The sad thing is people don't even bother to care for this. Sure there are a small amount of people who care deeply care but it's an extremely hard uphill battle that's being fought.
  Now that I mention it we have a ton of old people who are in positions of power who are out of touch with the world and to those who say they should respect their elders I say to them are foolish because these elders are still children deep down.
  We also have the potential at this very moment to create a god with the possible singularity event (which you should look into) or rather create an A.I. that can create the entity that will change the world for the better of worst and if that entity were to calculate that we are no good for the planet we will be faced with an even worse uphill battle that ultimately spells doom for us all. We've already created A.I.for board games like chess and go that can far out think us to win, and with this in mind what do you think it will take, and we can do to win against such a thing in the if this ever happens?
  Seriously there's a ton more that should be noted but the easy way out to deny this information is to simply say that it's "fake news" but I want you to realize form the start dear readers is truly things aren't as they should be for us.
  What is it that keeps us so suppressed? Where is the fire and passion that we should all have right now to start changing the world for the better? This is an eldritch horror and whatever sinister power in action is getting what it wants But perhaps the most merciful thing is that we all don't know, understand, and/or comprehend the horrors that are taking place right now.
  The positive side is that there's always hope, we have the next generation that comes into this world that can be passed on the knowledge of all our passed mistakes and all of our accomplishments and milestones. Peace has started between to countries that most would think they would never see the day come. We always have the blessing of wikileaks to reveal the wrong fullness happening in the world.
  In this age of man we must understand that we have an unfathomable power that may never be tapped into during any upcoming life time. The power to do whatever we want the moment we wake up is granted to every single one of us that have an able body, and to choose to make the world a worst place believing that these actions are making it better is a nightmare we will never be able to escape.

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