Thursday, May 31, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 05/31/18 - In (And Out Of) Touch With Your Senses... At The Movies!

  Life is active everywhere and the communication with the planet and the self is what National Meditation Day is all about. Meditation is something I've been on board with for a while, and I enjoy going in deep (as they say), pushing that limit of what the mind can reveal to the self: realms of realization of beautiful epiphany, juxtaposed with ugly truths.


  The sensory deprivation chamber is something I've always wanted to use, since it makes going even deeper possible, which is said to be overwhelming at times for many a user. Stranger Things is a good watch for horror fans who delve into this type of stuff and for those who are just the meditative type and can't handle horror, don't worry, because it does give you something to smile about. 

  Speaking of having something to smile about, it's National Smile Day as well. I'm happy that ability is possible and if done right it can be used to frighten. Even the boogey man can be smiling at you when you're unwittingly meeting eyes with him as you shop at the local grocery store. So lets check out "Smile," a short film that really makes smiling look sinister as a man is invited into a stranger's home, only to have things turn for the worse as he senses something is wrong.

  Let me tell you something... Thank god for the senses, but we are only mortal men and we can lose them, so today we celebrate Save Your Hearing Day. I know there are four other senses (one more for you woke baes still reading) but by the powers that be, it looks like we have to pay respect to hearing as of this day.
  I love music, and a world without my sense of hearing is a world I don't want to be a part of. Then again, a world where sound can bite me in the ass is one I don't want to be a part of either. Movies that bring hearing into a scary light are Hush, where a woman is unable to hear a sneaking home invader; Don't Breath, which we covered here in Modern Horror Classics and A Quiet Place, a great horror movie about invading aliens with hearing like the devil!

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