Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Humongous Fungus on the Malheur National Forest

Is anybody interested in seeing an article about a giant fungus that's eating a forest? There would be a smattering of pictures and/or video of eerily spooky dead/dying trees and maybe even mushrooms (they only appear in fall after the first rain).

OPB.org has a nice article about Oregon's Humongous Fungus.

This article on TheAtlantic.com mentions that the Humongous Fungus in Oregon was discovered, because scientists had a pissing match over the, "'...the largest and oldest living organisms' in the world."

We're probably going to do this regardless of audience interest, but it would be cool to know whether or not anybody wants our thoughts about 2,385 acres of fungus that has been devouring sitting duck trees for an estimated 1900 - 8650 years.

If you're interested in giant mushrooms, tell us all about it in a comment. Please? 🙀

[Posted by Kaedin Baen]

Monday, June 11, 2018

Literally Nobody Cares

  I have been having this ugly feeling in my stomach all day having false alarms to use the bathroom. I deicide to set long enough until it went over. After a minute I jump in my seat because I get a  message from my coworker Beef Bigalow. It had to do with the strangest event I have indirectly been apart of that happened weeks ago.

I know you don't share what I send you.

  He's right, I could care less about what he sends me and has just sent me. It was a nude picture of Sarah Moore, in public. I recalled having her in most of my A.P. classes. She was beautiful but all her geekness and nerdiness contradicted that. She was so socially awkward. She would only talk to me because I liked anime. Now here she is, naked, giant detailed tattoo of a unicorn in color all over the side of her torso, and with a face that a definitely can confirm was hers.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

{Review} Asylum of Satan (1972)

  I'm gonna be frank, I get why this is called a so bad it's good movie but personally I'm not buying it. I went to go see this with the Fear20.net crew at a special screening and although I honestly can't speak for all of them on how they feel and think about this movie, I will say that it was the most put you to sleep thing I have ever watched.

"Why you screaming? Haven't you ever seen the devil before?"
  I admit there are few laugh inducing parts like how a man obviously pretending to be a woman, the odd dialogue that's non sequitur consistently for just about every character throughout the entire movie, and the devil's appearance. The flow of it all has random scenes that I feel are trying to give the viewer the idea that maybe the main character is legit insane or they really are seeing some odd events unfolding before. All air of suspense and dissbelief is squatched thanks to how early it can be figured out that something isn't right.

Music Monster of The Month: Perturbator

James Kent is Perturbator
  Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the music industry (or to me at least). The type of sound Perturbator brings forth is dark retro-futuristic, and it's the type of sound you want playing in your sports car as you speed through the empty streets of the apocalypse, windows road down, and your sporting futuristic wrap around sunglasses, cool fashionable leather jacket with the spiked shoulders, and denim jeans.

  James Kent is no stranger, he's played guitar for several black metal bands, produced plenty of music having usage of software synth, and emulators that reproduce the synth sounds of old.

Monsters of Wrestling: Leatherface/Super Leather

The definition of monster heel
  It is without a doubt that horror and wrestling go hand and hand. Such things as the hardcore match, wrestler gimmicks, and bloodshed all back this thought. And how often does one say to themself they wish they can see that one particular menacing force from their favorite horror movie have a match in the squared circle?

  Thanks to Japan's lack of tight fisted copyright laws, this fantasy is allowed to become a reality, thus giving birth to a buffet of horror icons turned wrestlers. A very fine example of this (out of handful) is Leatherface.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/08/18 - Listen, Man: Why... Can't... We... Be... Friends?

  Today is Best Friends Day and National Marriage Day. In my opinion it's one of the most rare, and beautiful thing (regardless of how common it is) in the world. People who are willing to stick with each other through thick and thin, best of times and worst of times,  The person you love who will openly say to you.

Ooh... you make me live! You're my best friend..

  "You know I'm tripping you if we ever have to run from zombies, right?", Truly a beautiful thing. And to those of you who never really stuck around for anyone who gave you the time of day, I say to you, Kick rocks.

Monsters of Wrestling: Chainsaw Charlie

Terry Funk, is that you?
 I remember the day of Chainsaw Charlie's debut foundly.It was December,  I was at my mom's friend's house and at it where other kids who just so happen to be fans of wrestling like myself, and they were into the "don't try this at home" moves.

  Man, I remember all the moves and submission holds we did on each other that faithfull night when RAW was on in the background. Armbars, surfboards, sharpshooters, belly to belly suplexes, and Texas cloverleafs... Texas cloverleafs everywhere. But there came a sudden chill in the air and thing seem to turn eerie out of nowhere as the loud buzz of a chainsaw came booming from the speakers of the TV and it all of a sudden had our attention.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/07/18 - I Never Payed For My Long Overdue Video Rental Fees.

  The oddity of being in the era where things of the past are no longer relevant is something I have very much gotten used to. Honestly, I'm happy things are getting easier and easier for everyday life, especially for the fact that most things like music, pictures, and video have gone digital, thus taking up less space. Even the large video rental stores of old have been brought down to small, bite sized kiosks with easy check-in and check-out.

  Although I do have a lot of freed up space now, I still own physical media like video games and movies. I even have some old VHS tapes I pop in the dusty old VCR every now and the-- What's that?

"What the hell is a VHS and VCR?" you ask? Well, chitlins, gather round Ol Grandpappy Hardyhara, for he will briefly explain, and will let you know today is VCR Day!

Free me from my VHS tomb, and put me on Blu-Ray!

  VHS were sort of like the DVDs or Blu-Rays of their time, except you had to rewind them from the start to watch all over again, and we liked it! VCRs are pretty much what plays them and rewinds them. With that crash course out of the way, let's talk about a further detail in relation to horror movies.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/06/18 - "Run, Bitch, Ruuuunnn!!"

  Today started off pretty lame for me. I was supposed to get up early morning to take a nice long run, but instead I woke up late, and the day's already halfway over. So in observance of Global Running Day, I decided to get the cardio going by other means: by putting on all the horror classics involving running.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Monsters of Wrestling: Kamala - Part Final

  No, really, Kamala was a big deal. Previously, I wrote that there wasn't anything I could show in terms of noteworthy footage, but to be honest, I was being lazy. I don't want people not understanding how intense the concept of wrestling is and what the wrestlers can really bring out in the storytelling. So, allow me to go into more detail on the monster heel known as Kamala. My bystanding readers, let me help you understand the depth that lies before you.