Sunday, June 10, 2018

{Review} Asylum of Satan (1972)

  I'm gonna be frank, I get why this is called a so bad it's good movie but personally I'm not buying it. I went to go see this with the crew at a special screening and although I honestly can't speak for all of them on how they feel and think about this movie, I will say that it was the most put you to sleep thing I have ever watched.

"Why you screaming? Haven't you ever seen the devil before?"
  I admit there are few laugh inducing parts like how a man obviously pretending to be a woman, the odd dialogue that's non sequitur consistently for just about every character throughout the entire movie, and the devil's appearance. The flow of it all has random scenes that I feel are trying to give the viewer the idea that maybe the main character is legit insane or they really are seeing some odd events unfolding before. All air of suspense and dissbelief is squatched thanks to how early it can be figured out that something isn't right.
  In case the title wasn't enough to clue you in what this movie is about I'll let you know; it's "asylum" but really it's just a cultist mansion that worships the devil. As said before the film wants to give you the idea that maybe are main character is insane but it's obvious that's not the case when we notice how all the odd things don't add up right out the gate.

  The plot pretty much is divided by the two main characters who air engaged to each other. One imprisoned and confined to the asylum being tormented by the secret (to her) devil worshipers and the other spending the whole time trying to prove something we already figured out after the first five minutes of the film to save his woman from the madhouse. Rituals take place that involve killing people who fall under circumstance. All this to appease the summoning of Satan, which is ultimately a failure since the final act involves the sacrifice of a virgin which the female main character is definitely not.

 I mean, it's not a complete failure since the previous action does make him show up. And Satan doesn't mess around in this movie because if he doesn't get his way nobody does. I like the fact that he's able to cast instadeath on people like no ones business, thus proving this is the real deal. So let that be a lesson to you young devil worshipers out there; if the task requires you to have a virgin on hand you best actually check if she is one, if you know what I'm saying.

  All in all I really wouldn't suggest to anyone to watch this movie because I feel it's a waste of time, but should be watched by film students/ film makers to give them something to learn and study on.

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