Monday, January 21, 2019

The Horror of World Reset Events

  An interesting hypothesis that fictional writer Stephen King, manga artist Hirohiko Araki, and publishing houses Marvel and DC bring forth in their stories is the notion of multiverse. The idea of vast worlds already coexisting in one universe while many universes are on their own plain of existence. People living out their lives differently yet similarly compared to their many versions of themselves (whether the denizens are aware of this or not) living out their lives in potential infinite ways.

  Even more interesting; the idea is shared between these story tellers is that there exist a key universe, with key people who face a menace (for whatever reason they have reason why to do this) who has purpose to change the fabric of all realities for the worst. I would like to shine light on these antagonist and the horror they bring forth with their actions.

  Let's start with Stephen King's Multiverse story: The Dark Tower. The tale about Roland Deschain and his ka-tet, who's ultimate goal is to stop the Crimson King from ending all realities to rule in the primordial emptiness.

  Looking at the Crimson King we ask why the Crimson King wants to do this we must (and for all future characters of topic) who and what is the Crimson King. In short he's a malevolent entity, from a realm called Todash Space, the pocket space between the metaverse.

  But the real horror lies in the fate of the main character Roland Deschain, where he makes it to the top of the Dark Tower he's been seeking his whole journey to have him learn that his actions weren't good enough and he has to start over to do better. Now think about going so far and your adventure having loved and lost just to start over. The horror of being given another attempt at something just to do things more correctly.

  Hirohiko Araki's story Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has an over all theme of fate and what ties to it. At one point the series has a villain succeed in his goal causing him to create a world perfect for "god" and letting people be aware subconsciously of their ultimate end so they can simply be at ease with their life.

  Enrico Pucci is the main antagonist who causes these events to take place, a priest who doesn't seem to realize that a lot of what he believes what he doing to be but really it is a contradiction. Even his Stand (the series version of  a super power that has physical form) is names "White Snake"

  Speaking of those of wanting to play god we move on to Marvel and DC villains Doctor Doom and the Anti Monitor.

  The good doctor isn't really the reason why the Marvel universe get whipped out of existence but the fact that this character manages to create a world in his image with everyone's inhabitants don't even remember what happen before that caused the end is a fear thing itself.

And the Anti Monitor... to my understanding is just a being that wants it all to end like a thief in the nigh, which sounds very familiar to the christian bible belief.

  And as a bonus lets talk about the hidden obsession of the end in are real world. the end had been depicted and talked about before. Many of times the human race had had scares like "Y2K" and the prediction of the world ending in the year 2012, which in my opinion is very ridiculous due to how so many people had panicked. But the panic is not that the end doesn't come for us but rather that there could be a force that makes it happen unexpectedly and on a wide scale.

  Perhaps morbid fascination of what the unknown is what it could be is what makes people create and write these far fetched ideas of how these world can just be and in the next moment it can be snuffed out just like a candle light but it really is terrifying that the end is put into a book that is largely studied and taken as morale understanding for the day to day man to follow. but maybe we are in the world were we're are supposed to except the inevitable.

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