Sunday, February 17, 2019

Escape From New York V. Escape from L.A.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Horror Video Game Must Play: BioShock

Horror Video Game Must Play is a line of reviews showcasing the very best horror based/related/themed video games out on the market. All games are considered, so it doesn't really matter if the game is brand spanking new or old as shit. As long as it's enjoyable, the game of choice is considered a must play and should be in any horror fan's game collection. The review for each game is meant to elaborate upon all the details of the game (plot, audio, graphics, and game-play) to display why this is the game to invest in.

No one knows what happens behind closed doors. The things that take place unbeknownst can leave many wondering what is taking place behind that wall, the silence just as unnerving if not unsettling, and that could be one of the most horrifying things to realize. So looking at the sea one could consider that body of water to be a veil covering the face of terror. All that water, one gigantic door, muting the terror.To think that there might be a man who would one day build a city in that horror to get away from all the pressures of the world.