Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fear20 Pokécord Tournament


We here at have a Discord! Furthermore we are having a free to enter Pokécord Tournament with PRIZES!

Our tournament begins on Tuesday, December 10th at 5pm
and these are the fabulous prizes you could win!

Grand Prize: A copy of POKEMON Shield version for the Nintendo Switch!

2nd Prize: FEAR20 Mystery Merch pack containing...
One XL Fear20 T-shirt, one Fear20 bumper sticker, 3 packs of Skittles
$15 Paypal

3rd Prize: $10 Paypal

Pokecord is a quizbot that random spawns Pokemon you catch by guessing their name. You level up your Pokemon by chatting in our Discord server(Chatroom).
To start playing Pokécord, just enter the p!start command in the chat. Contest is open to LVL50PKMN only

Our Discord URL

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