Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fear20 Artist Flapper_Jane Imagines What "Alien vs Predator" Could Have Looked Like!

We've all seen those Predator test scenes with Jean Claude Van Dam running around in a big red lobster suit and thought, "Oh man, that would've been a very different movie". What fewer people seem to be aware of is that the Alien we all know and love wasn't always intended to be the H.R. Giger masterpiece that it cam be be. Early concept art has recently been brought to our attention that shows a stubbier, more insect-like creature.

And that got us thinking... what would AvP be like if these concepts had been used? Find out after the jump.

Monday, May 28, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix 1.0 - Sarcanis vs Flapper_Jane

Last month, my good friend and long-time Fear20 faithful Flapper_Jane came to visit me for my second favorite holiday of the year, at which point I was finally given the honor of introducing him to the wonderful world of HorrorClix. Of the many matches we played during that week-long period, only this final showdown was captured on video for the world to see. Unfortunately, I caused some weird sound issues while editing the video. Oh well, lesson learned. The next one will be better.

Though very little time was spent explaining the rules as we played, since we already knew what we were doing, this may give interested parties some idea of how HorrorClix actually plays in the absence of a proper how-to-play video. I was fielding a team of devils fronted by Freddy Krueger and back-ended by a Succubus. Flapper_Jane's force consisted of an alien conspiracy network involving a Corp. Response security guard protecting the bizarre secrets of the Greys. Check out the video after the break.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

{Review} Psychopath (1973)

First thing's first. The version of this movie I watched was labeled as being from 1985. Upon further research, I've just learned that it was originally released in 1973, with a VHS release in '85.

"Oh boyyy, chocolate cake...."

"Psychopath" from 1985 comes across at first as the sort of absurdly bad movie that wouldn't feel out of place next to The Room or Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. The acting is stiff and inconsistent, the music is inappropriately cheerful whenever the protagonists are on screen, regardless of how grim their dialogue is, and the first death scene is so anticlimactic that it feels more like a slapstick comedy than a mid-80s slasher film.

Powering through the layers of bad, however, we find a surprisingly poignant examination of the culture of child abuse in a time when society was far more oblivious, if not accepting, in regard to the effects of mistreating children. Even to this day, it's not uncommon for my stupid Facebook friends to share memes about the "good ol' days" when parents were allowed to spank their children for misbehaving. They seem to think this form of physical discipline turned the children into upstanding, respectful members of society and not broken machines struggling to perform their function in the network and constantly fearing the point of obsolescence, when they expect to be destroyed and thrown away.

Throughout Psychopath, we see numerous cases of mental and physical child abuse occurring in front of the camera, and we see that the other children and adults in the area seem to give no fucks. Even when one of the other parents does seem uncomfortable with the situation, they almost never speak up. The only characters who do seem to have any regard for the well-being of these kids are the police, the doctors, and of course the Psychopath.

The plot itself is pretty basic, with the focus being on a mentally ill children's entertainer who, as a result of childhood trauma, never really grew up inside. He forms deep bonds with the kids he entertains, particularly those at a hospital where abused children are taken far too frequently. In an attempt to punish bad parents, just as his parents had punished him, the man sets out on a slow-burning rampage as local detectives struggle with the uncomfortable nature of the crimes as much as they struggle to solve them.

Like I said, there's a lot wrong with this movie and in some ways that works in its favor. It can be considered "so bad it's good," and there are definitely laughs to be had. The sheer vitriol the adult characters display for their children, however, struck a personal chord with me and became very difficult to watch at times. I think if it hadn't been so silly, this movie would have been more than a little too dark.

Be nice to kids.

Monday, February 12, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix: "Dark Circus" by Dane Cole (HrC Writing Contest Winner)

The winner of the first official Fear20 HorrorClix Writing Contest gets butchered as I test out a new mic, a new camera AND new editing software.

This video took much longer than I had anticipated, considering the length of the story. All of the new techniques and technology took some getting used to, and many hours of frustration were had. I hope it comes across as an improvement from my older videos that typically consisted of static images. I realize that the tablet microphone I used for most of this video is indeed inferior to the cell phone mic that I usually use. I'm considering investing in a professional quality PC microphone, but so far I have either failed to install every single mic I have ever bought, or none of them has actually sounded better than my phone.

Anyway, long live HorrorClix.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Squirrel Appreciation Day (SAD!)

While technically not a horror movie, Nutkin's Last Stand is one of my favorite films and I believe that every person should see it at least once in their lives (and it is weed related because I was profoundly stoned when I first saw it on PBS in the early days of my stonerdom). It is a time-honored tradition for me to re-share the video every year when it comes up in my Facebook memory feed, but I have suddenly realized that there's no better time to spread the gospel of Nutkin than today, Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

{Video} Pokepasta: Ghost Marowak by BENDER (100 Subscriber Special)

I've been depressed and unable to get much done in recent months, but finding out that I now have over 100 subscribers on YouTube gave me a boost of confidence and energy and a desire to create more. So, I spent all night working on this awesome video for my narration of this Pokemon creepypasta and the software I use just shit all over me and desynchronized the images and I had to cut it down to just one solid image throughout, so I'm definitely looking for a new program to use for my next video, which will be even fucking cooler.