Monday, February 12, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix: "Dark Circus" by Dane Cole (HrC Writing Contest Winner)

The winner of the first official Fear20 HorrorClix Writing Contest gets butchered as I test out a new mic, a new camera AND new editing software.

This video took much longer than I had anticipated, considering the length of the story. All of the new techniques and technology took some getting used to, and many hours of frustration were had. I hope it comes across as an improvement from my older videos that typically consisted of static images. I realize that the tablet microphone I used for most of this video is indeed inferior to the cell phone mic that I usually use. I'm considering investing in a professional quality PC microphone, but so far I have either failed to install every single mic I have ever bought, or none of them has actually sounded better than my phone.

Anyway, long live HorrorClix.

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