Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fear20 Artist Flapper_Jane Imagines What "Alien vs Predator" Could Have Looked Like!

We've all seen those Predator test scenes with Jean Claude Van Dam running around in a big red lobster suit and thought, "Oh man, that would've been a very different movie". What fewer people seem to be aware of is that the Alien we all know and love wasn't always intended to be the H.R. Giger masterpiece that it cam be be. Early concept art has recently been brought to our attention that shows a stubbier, more insect-like creature.

And that got us thinking... what would AvP be like if these concepts had been used? Find out after the jump.

Monday, May 28, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix 1.0 - Sarcanis vs Flapper_Jane

Last month, my good friend and long-time Fear20 faithful Flapper_Jane came to visit me for my second favorite holiday of the year, at which point I was finally given the honor of introducing him to the wonderful world of HorrorClix. Of the many matches we played during that week-long period, only this final showdown was captured on video for the world to see. Unfortunately, I caused some weird sound issues while editing the video. Oh well, lesson learned. The next one will be better.

Though very little time was spent explaining the rules as we played, since we already knew what we were doing, this may give interested parties some idea of how HorrorClix actually plays in the absence of a proper how-to-play video. I was fielding a team of devils fronted by Freddy Krueger and back-ended by a Succubus. Flapper_Jane's force consisted of an alien conspiracy network involving a Corp. Response security guard protecting the bizarre secrets of the Greys. Check out the video after the break.