What is HorrorClix?

HorrorClix is a horror-themed miniatures game, originally produced by WizKids Games. It allows players to build a team of horror movie monsters and pit them against one another in simple yet tactical RPG-style combat. It was officially discontinued in 2008, but continues to be updated with new content by a highly dedicated core fanbase.

Where Can I Learn More?

  • Information about HorrorClix is currently being re-compiled on the HorrorClix Wiki

Where is the HorrorClix Community?

  • It's Wicked Fun 2 - A recreation of the old It's Wicked Fun forums. Posts have been scarce over the past year or so.
  • HorrorClix Facebook Group - More lively than IWF2, but less organized. Remember to turn on notifications.
  • HorrorClix TV - Fear 20's own official chat and viewing room, this is the go-to place if you want to chat in real time. Sarcanis is often there and can answer any game-related question. 

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