Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today's Horror Choices 05/19/16 - Mad Scrawls

It's another dry day for obscure celebrations, but a gamer like me rarely shies away from a challenge. Today's Horror Choices are as follows.

The highlight of the day for most horror fans is the first annual National Notebook Day. What notebook in history or literature is more revered than The Necronomicon? Evil Dead II is a go-to for
this one. The "sequel" has a much stronger focus on the book than the original. For that matter, you might opt to binge-watch the series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, for even more lost pages and bookstore shenanigans. Other movies to feature the Book of the Dead include The Dunwich Horror, Evil Toons and - shockingly enough - Necronomicon.

Take notes, kids.

If you're of the unpopular opinion that notebooks should not be bound with human flesh, you may relate better to the obsessive note-takers in movies like Se7en, Serial Killing 101 and Behind the Mask. Most Slenderman media will also feature some type of mad, frenetic note-taking behavior.

Oh, and if you're feeling romantic, be sure to check out 2009's Lo with your significant other. It's rather silly and the protagonist starts out kind of annoying, but lo and behold, by the end of it you will believe that love can last an eternity.

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