Monday, May 16, 2016

Today's Horror Choices 05/16/16 - Well this is just uncomfortable....

Today is Love a Tree Day. Celebrate this concept in the extreme with Evil Dead (1981) and to a lesser extent, May (2002). You get bonus points just for watching May in May. I have heard that trees play a major role in M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening as well, but I have not seen it.

Today is also World Baking Day. We know this is supposed to be about cakes & shit, but that only really yeilds The Gingerdead Man and maybe that Father's Day segment of Creepshow. Luckily, Gingerdead Man eventually crossed over into the Evil Bong franchise, which parlays nicely into the kind of baking we prefer. Frost your brain with some sweet hashish and strap into your couch for Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong, Pot Zombies, Night of the Living Heads and Blood Freak. Let's get the world baked.

If you're brave, today is National Piercing Day. Do your self a favor and take the easy way out of this one with Return of the Living Dead. There's some gore there, but it's mostly light-hearted. If you're an action-horror fan, perhaps Ichi the Killer would be more your style. Also from Takashi Miike, Imprint features some body modification that will ensure you never look at a needle the same way again, and Grotesque goes deep with piercings in places that piercings should not be. Man, what's goin' on with Japan? Oh, right...

That's rough, guys.

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