Saturday, November 3, 2018

Monsters of Wrestling: Gangrel

  I really can't recall any big time baddie in wrestling that was a standout vampire other than Gangrel, and if there was  I'll be sure to write about them later. This guy's whole presentation was perhaps the closet thing anyone could ask for.

  How the room would get dark and fire would rise to suddenly light it back up, and as they flared at the walkway where he would appear along with his two others, having a goblet in hand filled with blood. He would walk slowly to the squared circle with company, and once in it he would take a slurp and spray it out forming a red mist.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Music Monster of The Month: John Carpenter

  John Howard Carpenter, it was an honor to be alive of the time you have give me an so many others great movies to watch as well as great music to listen to.
We'll miss you.
  That's right. Mr. Carpenter (for those of you who didn't know) has composed some of the best original soundtracks to some of his best movies.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Humongous Fungus on the Malheur National Forest

Is anybody interested in seeing an article about a giant fungus that's eating a forest? There would be a smattering of pictures and/or video of eerily spooky dead/dying trees and maybe even mushrooms (they only appear in fall after the first rain). has a nice article about Oregon's Humongous Fungus.

This article on mentions that the Humongous Fungus in Oregon was discovered, because scientists had a pissing match over the, "'...the largest and oldest living organisms' in the world."

We're probably going to do this regardless of audience interest, but it would be cool to know whether or not anybody wants our thoughts about 2,385 acres of fungus that has been devouring sitting duck trees for an estimated 1900 - 8650 years.

If you're interested in giant mushrooms, tell us all about it in a comment. Please? 🙀

[Posted by Kaedin Baen]

Monday, June 11, 2018

Literally Nobody Cares

  I have been having this ugly feeling in my stomach all day having false alarms to use the bathroom. I deicide to set long enough until it went over. After a minute I jump in my seat because I get a  message from my coworker Beef Bigalow. It had to do with the strangest event I have indirectly been apart of that happened weeks ago.

I know you don't share what I send you.

  He's right, I could care less about what he sends me and has just sent me. It was a nude picture of Sarah Moore, in public. I recalled having her in most of my A.P. classes. She was beautiful but all her geekness and nerdiness contradicted that. She was so socially awkward. She would only talk to me because I liked anime. Now here she is, naked, giant detailed tattoo of a unicorn in color all over the side of her torso, and with a face that a definitely can confirm was hers.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

{Review} Asylum of Satan (1972)

  I'm gonna be frank, I get why this is called a so bad it's good movie but personally I'm not buying it. I went to go see this with the crew at a special screening and although I honestly can't speak for all of them on how they feel and think about this movie, I will say that it was the most put you to sleep thing I have ever watched.

"Why you screaming? Haven't you ever seen the devil before?"
  I admit there are few laugh inducing parts like how a man obviously pretending to be a woman, the odd dialogue that's non sequitur consistently for just about every character throughout the entire movie, and the devil's appearance. The flow of it all has random scenes that I feel are trying to give the viewer the idea that maybe the main character is legit insane or they really are seeing some odd events unfolding before. All air of suspense and dissbelief is squatched thanks to how early it can be figured out that something isn't right.

Music Monster of The Month: Perturbator

James Kent is Perturbator
  Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the music industry (or to me at least). The type of sound Perturbator brings forth is dark retro-futuristic, and it's the type of sound you want playing in your sports car as you speed through the empty streets of the apocalypse, windows road down, and your sporting futuristic wrap around sunglasses, cool fashionable leather jacket with the spiked shoulders, and denim jeans.

  James Kent is no stranger, he's played guitar for several black metal bands, produced plenty of music having usage of software synth, and emulators that reproduce the synth sounds of old.

Monsters of Wrestling: Leatherface/Super Leather

The definition of monster heel
  It is without a doubt that horror and wrestling go hand and hand. Such things as the hardcore match, wrestler gimmicks, and bloodshed all back this thought. And how often does one say to themself they wish they can see that one particular menacing force from their favorite horror movie have a match in the squared circle?

  Thanks to Japan's lack of tight fisted copyright laws, this fantasy is allowed to become a reality, thus giving birth to a buffet of horror icons turned wrestlers. A very fine example of this (out of handful) is Leatherface.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/08/18 - Listen, Man: Why... Can't... We... Be... Friends?

  Today is Best Friends Day and National Marriage Day. In my opinion it's one of the most rare, and beautiful thing (regardless of how common it is) in the world. People who are willing to stick with each other through thick and thin, best of times and worst of times,  The person you love who will openly say to you.

Ooh... you make me live! You're my best friend..

  "You know I'm tripping you if we ever have to run from zombies, right?", Truly a beautiful thing. And to those of you who never really stuck around for anyone who gave you the time of day, I say to you, Kick rocks.

Monsters of Wrestling: Chainsaw Charlie

Terry Funk, is that you?
 I remember the day of Chainsaw Charlie's debut foundly.It was December,  I was at my mom's friend's house and at it where other kids who just so happen to be fans of wrestling like myself, and they were into the "don't try this at home" moves.

  Man, I remember all the moves and submission holds we did on each other that faithfull night when RAW was on in the background. Armbars, surfboards, sharpshooters, belly to belly suplexes, and Texas cloverleafs... Texas cloverleafs everywhere. But there came a sudden chill in the air and thing seem to turn eerie out of nowhere as the loud buzz of a chainsaw came booming from the speakers of the TV and it all of a sudden had our attention.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/07/18 - I Never Payed For My Long Overdue Video Rental Fees.

  The oddity of being in the era where things of the past are no longer relevant is something I have very much gotten used to. Honestly, I'm happy things are getting easier and easier for everyday life, especially for the fact that most things like music, pictures, and video have gone digital, thus taking up less space. Even the large video rental stores of old have been brought down to small, bite sized kiosks with easy check-in and check-out.

  Although I do have a lot of freed up space now, I still own physical media like video games and movies. I even have some old VHS tapes I pop in the dusty old VCR every now and the-- What's that?

"What the hell is a VHS and VCR?" you ask? Well, chitlins, gather round Ol Grandpappy Hardyhara, for he will briefly explain, and will let you know today is VCR Day!

Free me from my VHS tomb, and put me on Blu-Ray!

  VHS were sort of like the DVDs or Blu-Rays of their time, except you had to rewind them from the start to watch all over again, and we liked it! VCRs are pretty much what plays them and rewinds them. With that crash course out of the way, let's talk about a further detail in relation to horror movies.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Today's Horror Choices 06/06/18 - "Run, Bitch, Ruuuunnn!!"

  Today started off pretty lame for me. I was supposed to get up early morning to take a nice long run, but instead I woke up late, and the day's already halfway over. So in observance of Global Running Day, I decided to get the cardio going by other means: by putting on all the horror classics involving running.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Monsters of Wrestling: Kamala - Part Final

  No, really, Kamala was a big deal. Previously, I wrote that there wasn't anything I could show in terms of noteworthy footage, but to be honest, I was being lazy. I don't want people not understanding how intense the concept of wrestling is and what the wrestlers can really bring out in the storytelling. So, allow me to go into more detail on the monster heel known as Kamala. My bystanding readers, let me help you understand the depth that lies before you.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Music Monster of The Month: KMFDM

Alright guys I know it's the last day of the month but damn it we are gonna make up for it and hit that industrial goth night club like no ones business and make DJ play the best KMFDM periodically.

It's KMFDM month, people and we are rocking.

Today's Horror Choices 05/31/18 - In (And Out Of) Touch With Your Senses... At The Movies!

  Life is active everywhere and the communication with the planet and the self is what National Meditation Day is all about. Meditation is something I've been on board with for a while, and I enjoy going in deep (as they say), pushing that limit of what the mind can reveal to the self: realms of realization of beautiful epiphany, juxtaposed with ugly truths.


  The sensory deprivation chamber is something I've always wanted to use, since it makes going even deeper possible, which is said to be overwhelming at times for many a user. Stranger Things is a good watch for horror fans who delve into this type of stuff and for those who are just the meditative type and can't handle horror, don't worry, because it does give you something to smile about. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fear20 Artist Flapper_Jane Imagines What "Alien vs Predator" Could Have Looked Like!

We've all seen those Predator test scenes with Jean Claude Van Dam running around in a big red lobster suit and thought, "Oh man, that would've been a very different movie". What fewer people seem to be aware of is that the Alien we all know and love wasn't always intended to be the H.R. Giger masterpiece that it cam be be. Early concept art has recently been brought to our attention that shows a stubbier, more insect-like creature.

And that got us thinking... what would AvP be like if these concepts had been used? Find out after the jump.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Monsters of Wrestling: Kamala - Part 1

  Today we take a look at a wrestler who was feared and thought to be a real life cannibal: Kamala. He was billed from Uganda and was considered to be a major threat as a heel wrestler, having big time feuds with Jake Roberts, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, and The Von Erich family.

Monday, May 28, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix 1.0 - Sarcanis vs Flapper_Jane

Last month, my good friend and long-time Fear20 faithful Flapper_Jane came to visit me for my second favorite holiday of the year, at which point I was finally given the honor of introducing him to the wonderful world of HorrorClix. Of the many matches we played during that week-long period, only this final showdown was captured on video for the world to see. Unfortunately, I caused some weird sound issues while editing the video. Oh well, lesson learned. The next one will be better.

Though very little time was spent explaining the rules as we played, since we already knew what we were doing, this may give interested parties some idea of how HorrorClix actually plays in the absence of a proper how-to-play video. I was fielding a team of devils fronted by Freddy Krueger and back-ended by a Succubus. Flapper_Jane's force consisted of an alien conspiracy network involving a Corp. Response security guard protecting the bizarre secrets of the Greys. Check out the video after the break.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Universe We Live In Now: An Editorial

  It's hard to pinpoint the transition when the world became a bizarre and topsy turvy. I've been alive for twenty-seven and a half years and have bared witness to so many events, and thus I must bring forth the horror that is the planet today. No worries though, there are some good things in this
  For starters we are being spied on, and I'm fairly surprised that riots and protest in the streets isn't a daily occurrence. Everyday people look up things on the internet for whatever reason and just for that action they may be put on a list categorized under whatever it fall under, and never mind the purpose; if it suspicious  they just made the list.
  Drones are now a widely popular thing and from what I gather they're not being used in positive manner. Separated by a few months, the first time I came home late in the day seeing that a drone was flying around in my neighborhood. As I drove on the street I noticed it was following me, and this wasn't the most pleasant feeling in the world but eventually I shook it off. The second encounter I wasn't playing any games. On the way home late from work it was back, and saw that it was facing my direction. I pulled over and pulled the trigger to open the trunk and bluffed that I was gonna shoot it down. It flew away asap thus confirming my suspicion that it had a video feed. I got back into my car and tried to follow it but a very horrifying thing happened as followed; I saw about three more of them from further direction gathering toward the one I was chasing and flew off in the same direction. This really did happen. Trust.
  We now have a leader how isn't helping any of us, and worst yet there's a majority who believe in him. Denying science, global warming, undoing most of  the previous  accomplishments, and the list goes on and on. The good news is that none of his actions are hidden but in fact open to the public. The sad thing is people don't even bother to care for this. Sure there are a small amount of people who care deeply care but it's an extremely hard uphill battle that's being fought.
  Now that I mention it we have a ton of old people who are in positions of power who are out of touch with the world and to those who say they should respect their elders I say to them are foolish because these elders are still children deep down.
  We also have the potential at this very moment to create a god with the possible singularity event (which you should look into) or rather create an A.I. that can create the entity that will change the world for the better of worst and if that entity were to calculate that we are no good for the planet we will be faced with an even worse uphill battle that ultimately spells doom for us all. We've already created A.I.for board games like chess and go that can far out think us to win, and with this in mind what do you think it will take, and we can do to win against such a thing in the if this ever happens?
  Seriously there's a ton more that should be noted but the easy way out to deny this information is to simply say that it's "fake news" but I want you to realize form the start dear readers is truly things aren't as they should be for us.
  What is it that keeps us so suppressed? Where is the fire and passion that we should all have right now to start changing the world for the better? This is an eldritch horror and whatever sinister power in action is getting what it wants But perhaps the most merciful thing is that we all don't know, understand, and/or comprehend the horrors that are taking place right now.
  The positive side is that there's always hope, we have the next generation that comes into this world that can be passed on the knowledge of all our passed mistakes and all of our accomplishments and milestones. Peace has started between to countries that most would think they would never see the day come. We always have the blessing of wikileaks to reveal the wrong fullness happening in the world.
  In this age of man we must understand that we have an unfathomable power that may never be tapped into during any upcoming life time. The power to do whatever we want the moment we wake up is granted to every single one of us that have an able body, and to choose to make the world a worst place believing that these actions are making it better is a nightmare we will never be able to escape.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Modern Horror Classics: The Others

Happy mother's Day, and to all who can't celebrate proper; this is for you.

  I hate to break the news here but mother doesn't know best and not every mother may not make the best choices for their family ultimately. The Others (directed, written, and scored by Alejandro Amenábar) is a movie I feel has one of these undertones. Taking place after WWII and on the Channel Islands we start with our main character Grace Stewart (portrayed by Nicole Kidman) waking up from a nightmare, and a little later she greets her new hired servants and gardner. She shows and tells them how things are to be run and reveals an important detail on keeping doors closed and locked at all times and never to be left
  Her two kids Anne (portrayed by Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (portrayed by James Bentley) are the reason for this for it is revealed to the new hires that they have a uncommon disease that makes them photosensitive.
  We also learn early on that her new servants aren't so new to this house themselves for they have been her before and have loved everyday during there stay previously, and have left due to a tuberculosis outbreak.
  Grace is religious and teaches her children the bible just about everyday, but when Anne is to be accused of playing prank of crying out in horror and scarring Nicholas, Grace fails to see that she herself is being unjust and unchristian-like and punishes her daughter for "lying" when confronted about these actions. Even going as far as to falsely accuse the two lady servants for leaving a door open. Anne says it's a boy named Victor who was the one crying and who frightened Nicholas. Of course Grace doesn't believe this at first but is soon to be proven other wise but still seems to be stubborn about what she thinks is the truth.
  Events taking place like phantom footsteps, a piano playing itself, and curtains to the children's room being removed. cause for a ton of denial of there being any ghost in the house, and phantom baby daddy Charles Stewart (portrayed by Christopher Eccleston) coming in for a booty call and leaving as swiftly as he came.
 Throughout the movie there are hints sprinkled for first time viewers that hold up even for people who our rewatching after so many years pass the original theatrical release, like finding a death book with torn pages, the coming and going of Charles Stewart and the first interaction with Victor.
 Everything culminates when the gravestones of the servants are discovered with dates going about a century back and the even bigger reveal witch I want spoil here for the end is always the best part but let's just say that it was really cool seeing a seance from two different points of view and it's a plot twist that I'm sure made M. Night Shyamalan skeleton jelly (that's jealous to the bone for you out there who didn't get the phrase).
  A major thing take note here is how Anne tries her best to make the best choices for her family but it goes without saying how lost she feels without her better half which is explored very well (even though it's for a short time during the film) when he makes his surprise return.
  As far as acting goes there isn't anything to complain about since the cast is really all star all be it a small one and having two child actors but to be fair one of them was better than the other. From all actors conveying emotion and selling that intended emotion is down outstandingly. For the time it had one of the best plot twist backed with a will thought-out script. There are a few questionable parts that happen in like when Anne is an old lady but I guess it's part of the gothic horror feel. The movie feels dream like from the start although some parts display this feel far loudly than others.
  The Others can't be passed and a film perhaps to be enjoyed on Mother's day. Until next time dear readers.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Modern Horror Classic: Avengers: Infinity War

  The idea of killing half the population of all the universe sounds like a thought far to obscured to ever consider in the realm of  possibility but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this apocalyptic scenario is very much so an idea that can be flirted with thanks to the Infinity Stones and Thanos is a Titan who very much so get to achieve this.
  Folks, I'm not spoiling anything. This story was printed bt Marvel Comics but seeing the story unfold on the big screen into a near 3 hour adaptation was an experience that I would never would made feel so lost in the eldritch horror that takes place in this movie compared to any other movie with dark themes. This all start cast of the biggest Avengers roaster (although not all characters where inaugurated officially as such they pretty much were) no mater how powerful in their own right weren't ready for this intense fight, and for this lost they suffer one of the biggest loss to ever be witnessed in cinema history.
 Bystanders die, friends die, family dies, loved ones die,and (of course) heroes die all to to make the universe a better place to for everyone else is what Thanos thinks is to bring balance to the for-- I MEAN-- to the universe. Every scene he never fails and at one point he really does get a run for his money but truly there's something even scary about one man passion being displayed by Peter Quill (portrayed by Chris Prat) compared to one man's ambitions such as Thanos plays out a scene of heart breaking revelation I wont spoil here.
  Disney  has unwittingly released one of the most horror movies out there. A movie that made most people feeling so uncertain of the future of this franchise in the best way possible and it's brilliant. If this isn't the way Disney intended for this movie to be perceived then I'm glad I brought forth this new way of seeing it.
  The future is uncertain and if there fourth Avengers movie and the second part to Infinity War isn't a happy ending neither but an unhappy ending that outdoes this movie... Well, horror will never be the same.
  Tell next time.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

{Review} Psychopath (1973)

First thing's first. The version of this movie I watched was labeled as being from 1985. Upon further research, I've just learned that it was originally released in 1973, with a VHS release in '85.

"Oh boyyy, chocolate cake...."

"Psychopath" from 1985 comes across at first as the sort of absurdly bad movie that wouldn't feel out of place next to The Room or Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. The acting is stiff and inconsistent, the music is inappropriately cheerful whenever the protagonists are on screen, regardless of how grim their dialogue is, and the first death scene is so anticlimactic that it feels more like a slapstick comedy than a mid-80s slasher film.

Powering through the layers of bad, however, we find a surprisingly poignant examination of the culture of child abuse in a time when society was far more oblivious, if not accepting, in regard to the effects of mistreating children. Even to this day, it's not uncommon for my stupid Facebook friends to share memes about the "good ol' days" when parents were allowed to spank their children for misbehaving. They seem to think this form of physical discipline turned the children into upstanding, respectful members of society and not broken machines struggling to perform their function in the network and constantly fearing the point of obsolescence, when they expect to be destroyed and thrown away.

Throughout Psychopath, we see numerous cases of mental and physical child abuse occurring in front of the camera, and we see that the other children and adults in the area seem to give no fucks. Even when one of the other parents does seem uncomfortable with the situation, they almost never speak up. The only characters who do seem to have any regard for the well-being of these kids are the police, the doctors, and of course the Psychopath.

The plot itself is pretty basic, with the focus being on a mentally ill children's entertainer who, as a result of childhood trauma, never really grew up inside. He forms deep bonds with the kids he entertains, particularly those at a hospital where abused children are taken far too frequently. In an attempt to punish bad parents, just as his parents had punished him, the man sets out on a slow-burning rampage as local detectives struggle with the uncomfortable nature of the crimes as much as they struggle to solve them.

Like I said, there's a lot wrong with this movie and in some ways that works in its favor. It can be considered "so bad it's good," and there are definitely laughs to be had. The sheer vitriol the adult characters display for their children, however, struck a personal chord with me and became very difficult to watch at times. I think if it hadn't been so silly, this movie would have been more than a little too dark.

Be nice to kids.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Music Monster of The Month: Marilyn Manson

  There's proof that people fear and loath what they don't comprehend, for reasons just and unjust, Brian Hugh Warner (know as Marilyn Manson) was man who brought out the profound shock and all of the common household family with common christian value in them. I remember the moment I realized that he was a pop culture icon and a man of his time when he would be mentioned in song, a cameo-esque appearance in an adult cartoon show, Manson even had some minor movie roles in major movies, he's even been used in a negative light by politicians such the first american school shooting at Columbine high school.
  I remember when my brother had gone to see him in concert around 1997 (about the the time he had gone mainstream) and came back with tales of how there were people outside of the venue casting down their own wraith of god upon those attending the show not understanding (or never to understand) what flirting with the idea of satanism to understand an aspect of life was not something they wanted to confront and even more so with the children.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Music Monster of the Month: Goblin

This month we listen to Goblin
  Alright guys, this month we are simply listening to Goblin. The world famous Italian instrumental band. What can be said about them? They're the most eerie of music makers. They captivated the sound that is mystery and suspense. Masters of  the mood of wonder and fear to any movie they have made a soundtrack for and we're gonna observe with our ears this month, The classic Goblin.

Modern Horror Classics Review: Don't Breathe

 A good witch doctor is surprisingly expensive, and yours truly isn't made out of money, and so I set forth on another quest to overcome any situation and found a   quick schemes instruction home video in the disguise of a horror film called Don't Breath, directed by Fede Alvarez and written by Fede Alvarez, and Rodo Sayagues.
  The movie takes place in Detroit (making this the second Modern Horror Classics(s) to take place in the state of Michigan in a row) where we find that we have a trio of protagonist are  delinquent house burglars who each have their own reasons for doing this, particularly one Rocky (portrayed by Jane Levy) who simply is looking for a way out for her sister and herself since they're stuck in a go nowhere in life situation. They get a lucky break when her boyfriend, Money (portrayed by Daniel Zovatto) get's a tip off that someone in this shit hole has some big time mula. Enter The Blind Man
Just because he's blind doesn't make him a saint
  The Blind Man (portrayed by Stephen Lang) is tragic yet not a character to rooted for. Due to an accident that happen that caused the lost of his child and thus making him have a fat stack of money he hasn't been the same. here in the house where most of the movie takes place are sinister things a brewing to say the least. To go further  into this movie would sure spoil it greatly even though this is a review and all but the least I can say it's truly worth the watch.
  The movie was actually made with a low budget and did extremely well at the box office this making back it's money and then some and there's isn't really much criticism that I can say other then that the only stupid thing is that Alex (portrayed by Dylan Minnette) has access to most of the houses they can rob due to his father having the keys to them thanks to the security business he owns which doesn't sound right to me.
 Well anyway, I got what I came for and made it out with the skin of my teeth and to the people I robbed and if your reading this... Thanks! Now pardon me, dear readers as I have to say good-bye one last time to my mutated, talking penis.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

{Video} Munchies Special Part 1: Sarcanis Tries Szechuan Sauce

I gave the much-hyped McDonald's Szechuan Sauce a try in the first part of our Munchies Special. Personally, I think it's their best packaged sauce currently, but certainly not the best in history.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Music Monster of the Month: GWAR by Hardyhara

The Baddest Band on the Planet

  I remember when I was first introduced to GWAR... Well, sort of. It was more like the several times I was introduced to them. I recall seeing them on Beavis and Butthead, being one of the few bands that the duo didn't really make fun of all that much. Then I found out the main goal of the SNES/Genesis Beavis & Butthead game was to see them live, in concert. One day I spotted a (now out-of-business) Circuit City commercial featuring lead singer Oderus Urungus pushing video games, one of the many things I loved as a child. In fact, GWAR embodied a ton of things I loved as a child: Wrestling, horror, hip-hop (just for their second album, and only for one song), and much more that words can't express yet.
  Fast forward to my preteen years, having to grow up a little faster due to having my parents divorcing, and being depressed to the point where I simply wanted to die. Yours truly didn't know what to do with himself.  I never cut myself or anything of that sort, and masterbation got old fast. Drugs weren't really an option until I met my friend David. David was a smart kid who just so happened to have access to marijuana, and helped introduce me to my mind, so to speak. One day during the summer, David and I decide to go to Sounds of the Underground and at this point I have been reintroduced to the band. The few times I've spent the night at David's he had me listen to several songs like Ragnarok, Meat Sandwich, and Gor Gor, to name a few. Being young, high as a kite and not being too familiar with how GWAR rolls, I wasn't prepared for what I was in for as the stage hands set up the band's atmosphere on stage. Seeing fake dead babies, filleted and impaled on spears, lined all across the stage made me feel very uneasy, and it didn't help that I was stoned.
  Before I knew it, the band was there on stage. They must have being on stage without attracting attention down to a science, because I couldn't get how these guys in costumes that stand out just appeared. I rocked out like I never had before. Killings of political figures, jokes said on the fly, and a storyline that didn't quite pan out that would make WWE creative proud.
               some insight on the band

  The mythos goes that GWAR were an elite unit of Scumdogs that served The Master, The Master who farted the universe, which he hated, thus coming up with Scumdogs to systematically destroy and enslave the universe. One day, GWAR attacked the wrong planet and were banished to earth. Earth, being in it's primitive state, didn't really have much to offer but apes to fuck, thus creating the human race. At one point they froze during the ice age, and fast forward to the mid 80's. One Sleazy P. Martini, on the run from the feds, made it all the way to Antarctica and discovered GWAR.(well, his brother did first but got trapped under the lair of GWAR). Having drugs on him still, Sleazy was able to save his own ass because otherwise the band would have killed him once they thawed out.
  Throughout the years, the band had some different sounds that didn't really stick till the Violence has Arrived album, but besides that all the albums (to me) were concept albums. All of them have a story arc such as having to fight the morality squad, taking on all of America's "righteous" and holier than thou types like the pope, Jesus, and Cardinal Syn, taking on The Master, and leaving the planet once and for all to fulfill their sexcapades. Really all this is all in good fun, except maybe that one time they threw raw meat on crowds at their shows.
  The roster has gone through some changes due to things such as deaths, creative differences and health reasons. Not to detract from who the people that made up GWAR were, but there isn't enough space to cover all of the detail here. Bottom line, GWAR is here to stay and if I could, I would write about the history of the people behind GWAR, Slave Pit Inc., and everything in between, but that would be a biography and I would need to make a lot more things happen than simply writing this article. Hell, you're reading the words of a man who listened to them for a year and a half plus and I think I've earned that right if the chance ever happens.
 Join me next time as I finally reveal what how-to video I watched to cure my mutated penis. I'll give you a hint. It involved robbery.

Monday, February 12, 2018

{Video} HorrorClix: "Dark Circus" by Dane Cole (HrC Writing Contest Winner)

The winner of the first official Fear20 HorrorClix Writing Contest gets butchered as I test out a new mic, a new camera AND new editing software.

This video took much longer than I had anticipated, considering the length of the story. All of the new techniques and technology took some getting used to, and many hours of frustration were had. I hope it comes across as an improvement from my older videos that typically consisted of static images. I realize that the tablet microphone I used for most of this video is indeed inferior to the cell phone mic that I usually use. I'm considering investing in a professional quality PC microphone, but so far I have either failed to install every single mic I have ever bought, or none of them has actually sounded better than my phone.

Anyway, long live HorrorClix.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Squirrel Appreciation Day (SAD!)

While technically not a horror movie, Nutkin's Last Stand is one of my favorite films and I believe that every person should see it at least once in their lives (and it is weed related because I was profoundly stoned when I first saw it on PBS in the early days of my stonerdom). It is a time-honored tradition for me to re-share the video every year when it comes up in my Facebook memory feed, but I have suddenly realized that there's no better time to spread the gospel of Nutkin than today, Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bat Rescue

Just to let you know, for anyone who might have been curious, the bat from our Bat Life video survived and we delivered it to a local wildlife rescue volunteer.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

{Video} Bat Life

Life is a game, and InstLife is not a very fun one. There's plenty of potential here for a great mobile life simulator, but it just needs a little more everything. You know what we don't need any more of? Fucking bats.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

{Video} Pokepasta: Ghost Marowak by BENDER (100 Subscriber Special)

I've been depressed and unable to get much done in recent months, but finding out that I now have over 100 subscribers on YouTube gave me a boost of confidence and energy and a desire to create more. So, I spent all night working on this awesome video for my narration of this Pokemon creepypasta and the software I use just shit all over me and desynchronized the images and I had to cut it down to just one solid image throughout, so I'm definitely looking for a new program to use for my next video, which will be even fucking cooler.