Friday, October 28, 2022

October 28, 2022

Today is 

  • 🔩 Frankenstein Friday 
  •  ✏ International Animation Day 
  • 🍫 National Chocolate Day 
  • 🧸 Plush Animal Lover's Day 
  • ⛪ Separation of Church and State Day 
  • 🗽 Statue of Liberty Dedication Day 
  • 🍓 Wild Foods Day 
  • 🦝 World Lemur Day 

We all had stuffed animals growing up, and this Plush Animal Lover's Day we celebrate the toys that made dreams of our nightmares, including the teddy bear from Stuart Gordon's Dolls (1987) and the twisted teddy from another Full Moon classic, Demonic Toys (1992). More recent entries into the Plush Horror subgenre include Benny Loves You (2021) and The Nest (2021) featuring classic scream queen Dee Wallace. 

Statue of Liberty Dedication Day only brings to mind the rampaging Lady Liberty in Ghostbusters 2 (1989). 

 As someone with a friend who is going through a crack cocaine addiction, my pick for Frankenstein Friday would have to be Frankenhooker, about a mad scientist who invents a "super crack" that can reanimate his dead wife. Shout out to the Satanist in the men's restroom.

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