Wednesday, October 26, 2022

October 26, 2022

 Today is

  •   🥩 Chicken Fried Steak Day
  •   🚗 Horseless Carriage Day
  •   🟣 Intersex Awareness Day
  •   💨 Lung Health Day
  •   🥁 National Day of the Deployed
  •   🐎 National Mule Day
  •   🎃 National Pumpkin Day
  •   🌕 Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night

To the untrained eye, Pumpkinhead might seem like a prime choice for National Pumpkin Day, but those who have seen the movie will tell you it has very little to do with pumpkins. I feel like The Pumpkin Karver might be a more appropriate choice, or maybe Trick R Treat, but that's probably better saved for Halloween night.

While Dog Soldiers covers both Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night and National Day of the Deployed, I feel like I bring it up too often, so I asked our Discord community for suggestions. New member Fang Sway assures me that Dog Soldiers is "top tier werewolfing" but also fondly remembers Late Phases, while our very own Randomflashbang brings up The Company of Wolves, or Werewolf by Night for something a bit more topical.

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